About jack.hertz

Inspired by the mystery of life. I manipulate sound to create intangible techno-organic impressions between music and noise.

I have been playing, composing and recording experimental music for more than 30 years. However, I am particularly interested in digital synthesizers and especially FM synthesis. I do find all aspects of creating sound fascinating. From the early percussion instruments to the present day hardware and software innovations.

Generally, I am trying to create a sonic middle ground between the real and the artificial. Utilizing synthesizers and digital effects almost exclusively. I like to design my own instruments and effects with unique characteristics that create spaces and atmospheres for the listener to explore.

My first experiments with sound were in the early 1980s with analog reel machines, microphones, percussion and a Casio VL-Tone. My first true synthesizer was the Alpha Syntauri digital synthesizer that was was hosted by an Apple IIe PC. The learning curve was steep, but it provided a plethora of functions most keyboards on the market would not have for nearly a decade. Soon after came Yamaha's DX7 introducing FM synthesis that I have been working with ever since.

Focusing on innovation as electronic music was meant to do. Today, I am working to build on all aspects of electronic music with the intention of creating new and amalgamated sounds. Taking queues from classic electronic and popular music. My approach is basic, yet robust. Perform on vintage hardware that is processed and controlled with contemporary technology. As an artist. This allows me the tactile interaction I need as a performer with kind of the control I want as a sound designer.


Ambience, Babbitt, Eno, Fast, Gamelan, Nature, Silence, Subotnick, YMO

Meditations 1 - Carolyn Fok and Jack Hertz

Category: Music
Duration: 00:10:57
Here is a track from the collaboration I have been working on with Carolyn Fok. Look for this to be released in near future on the High Frequency Music label.

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