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Roy Hughes
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Austin, TX 78745
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Professional Profile

I am a composer and singer/songwriter that wishes to contribute music for record, film, television, and commercial applications.

* Over 30 years of experience in music composition, synthesis, and recording, covering a wide range of styles including traditional classical, jazz, rock, electronic, funk, folk, new age, and dance music.

Experience: (This is a partial list)

* 2012 - Composed, Recorded, Engineered, Mastered "Trial" Original music CD, released in 2012.
* 2002 to 2011 - Composer-in-residence at Virtual Insomnia Productions. Composed music for various independent film, television and radio commercials.
* 2000 to 2001 - Composed, Recorded, Engineered, Mastered and several video game themes and songs for Nickelodeon's "" website. (as a consultant for Itoons Corporation, Chicago, Illinois)
* 2000 to 2001 - Composed, Recorded and engineered all Audio projects for several different CD-Rom distrubutions of Sales and Marketing demos for Centrifusion Corporation, Chicago, Ill.
* 1993 to 1998 - Composed various themes, incidental music, and sound effects for various Dell Computer industrial video programs between 1993 and 1998.
* 1997 - Composed soundtrack for the film "Finding McKinley".
* 1995 - Recorded, Engineeered, and Mastered commercial CD "My Favorite Animal" for Jimmy George of Austin Texas.
* 1996 - Composed, performed, recorded all backing music for recording "Ordinary Miracles" for artist Melissa Lewis, Austin.
* 1996- Composed Soundtrack and Sound effects, and recorded voice-overs for Television commercial for Lone Star Raceway, Austin, Tx
* 1996 to 1997 - Composed, Recorded, Engineered, Mastered all incidental music and sound effects for the "Cutting Edge Comics" television show broadcast on Austin Local Television.
* 1994 to 1995 - Composed, arranged, and performed or co-performed all accompaniment music, arrangements, and adaptions for the live comedy musical "Clean and Sober" performed throughout central Texas
* 1994 - Composed, Recorded, Engineered, and synchronized the entire Soundtrack for the feature-length motion picture Seeking The Café Bob.(Winner of the 1995 Austin Film Festival).
* 1994 - Co-composed soundtrack for the television show pilot The Austin Outlaws (Bronze winner in the 1995 Houston TV Pilot competition)
* 1988 to 1993 - Composed the title song and all transitional music for the PBS radio show "For The Record" hosted by Dave Emory that ran nationally between 1988 and 1993.

Other accomplishments:

* Performed original music live in various cities in California and Texas both as a solo artist and as a band member in many different bands throughout my adult career.
* Performed original electronic music scores at De Anza Junior College and North Texas State University as part of University concert series'.
* Taught electronic music composition and recording techniques for several years at De Anza Junior College
* Recorded and ran live sound in venues across Texas including "Antone's" , "Esther's Follies", "Ruta Maya", Paramount theater, and other well-known music and theater venues in Austin and San Antonio.
* Designed and built custom music synthesizers for 10+ years.


Kraftwerk, Peter Gabriel, Klaus Schultz, Synergy, Trenmoller, Brian Eno, Steve Hillage, Wendy Carlos, etc

The Last Train

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genre: Film Trailor
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The Last Train

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